Spiritual Awareness

Knowing, understanding, and giving thanks for the talents and gifts given to me.  Being focused and inspired through reverence and meditation.

Health Awareness

Taking full responsibility for my action on and off the track with self control, self respect, and respect for others. Controlling what I put in my body and mind. Embrace the changes from maturing and how it  affects me.


Striving to put one leg in front of the other, moving forward, at school, home, or the track.  Never half -heartedly, but represent through motivation of self and others.


Allow myself to grow in life through competition by having confidence, grit, and zeal in what I do. Learn to manage my time. Work on developing behaviors and attitudes consistently reflecting my family and the team.

Goal Setting

Be goal-oriented on and off the track. Set myself up to succeed, having options, and understanding that obstacles will come. Remembering that I am a student before an athlete.

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